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Regional Councillor Brampton Wards 1 & 5

Calvert and Duggan Parks Community Update – Apr 12 2024

We continue to see tents be set up in the Calvert Park and Duggan Park areas along the Etobicoke Creek area. Councillor Santos is urging for expedited action by both city and regional staff. Get the latest updates on what is being done and planned to improve community safety while also prioritizing supports for those in need.

Calvert and Duggan Parks Community Update – Mar 28 2024

An ongoing safety issue regarding homeless encampments is the known flood risk along the Etobicoke Creek. At the request on Councillor Santos, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) provided a flood hazard information update. The TRCA is responsible for creating and maintaining Flood Plain Mapping, and for providing Flood Forecasting and Warning services.

Lit Outdoor Pickleball Court Coming to Calvert Park!

The city of Brampton is taking a proactive approach to address the changing needs and demands of its residents by updating park amenities. Following the successful transformation of a baseball diamond into a fully lit tape ball amenity, the city is now turning its attention to an underutilized lawn bowling pitch. This derelict space, which has become associated with illicit behavior, is set to be revitalized and transformed into an outdoor lit pickleball court. This exciting development aims to meet the growing demand for pickleball facilities in Brampton and provide a safe and enjoyable space for residents of all ages.