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Santos Urging Expedited Regional Action on Encampments – Update: April 19, 2024

Homeless encampments along the Etobicoke Creek Trail in Brampton continues to be a major concern. Councillor Santos has been advocating since the Fall to safely relocate those in encampments into shelter or onto regional property to alleviate the extraordinary health and safety challenges that the flood prone area poses.

The recently announced federal budget (see Federal Budget 2024 Promises below) earmarked $250M to address encampments and unsheltered homelessness in communities across Canada. Councillor Santos wants the Region of Peel to tap into this funding immediately. The Region is responsible for Housing and Social Support and is currently dealing with serious overcapacity issues (over 400%) related to a high number of asylum seekers. The City of Brampton has been using its own budget and city departments to address health and safety issues in the encampment areas. 

During the City Council meeting on April 17 (2024), Councillor Santos continued the pressure to see action at the Region and her motion calling upon the Region of Peel to expedite the relocation or provide additional shelter accommodations for residents living in these encampments was passed. See video below.

Motion C063-2024 Passed

That the Region of Peel be urged to expeditiously relocate and/or provide additional shelter accommodation for residents of encampments, given the threat of flooding in the areas along Etobicoke Creek, and other public safety concerns.


Federal Budget 2024 Promises

$250 million over two years, starting in 2024-25, to address the urgent issue of encampments and unsheltered homelessness. This funding will require provinces and territories to cost-match federal investments, leveraging a total of $500 million. This will help communities scale-up their efforts to train homelessness support workers, respond to the unique experiences of those affected by unsheltered homelessness, including those living in encampments, and renovate and build more shelters and transitional homes for those who need them. (Reference)

We will not have solved the housing crisis while there are people living in tents in communities across Canada because they can’t afford a place to live or access much-needed mental health and wellness supports.

To address the urgent issue of encampments and unsheltered homelessness, we are proposing to invest $250 million through Budget 2024. This funding is intended to be cost-matched by provinces and territories, for a total of $500 million, to support our most vulnerable and end encampments in our communities as we support vulnerable Canadians in transitioning to a dignified housing solution.

The Fund will support human rights-based community action plans that commit to a housing-first approach to ending encampments, and include supportive and transitional housing, housing-focused services, and rent supplements specifically dedicated to individuals living in encampments or experiencing homelessness. (Reference)

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