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Regional Councillor Brampton Wards 1 & 5

Major safety concern: Homeless encampments in flood-risk area

Homeless encampments in flood-risk areas along Brampton’s Etobicoke Creek raise safety concerns due to potential risks from rising water levels. Despite efforts to address the issue, the Region of Peel’s response has been slow, prompting worries about the city’s liability during emergencies. Urgent action is urged to relocate residents to shelters, supported by unanimous City Council backing.

The federal budget allocates $1.1 billion to extend the Interim Housing Assistance Program, aiming to facilitate such relocations amid a shelter crisis exacerbated by accommodating over 1,200 asylum seeker households. Brampton faces significant financial strain, with Mayor Brown highlighting the need for additional funding to bridge the gap, suggesting temporary accommodations like hotel stays as one solution. The city’s plea for action is scheduled for discussion at the upcoming Peel Regional Council meeting on April 25, emphasizing the need for further funding to address the housing challenges effectively.