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Managing Rapid Grass Growth for a Beautiful Brampton

Brampton’s grass maintenance services occur from May to October, depending on weather conditions. Parklands, boulevards, and parks receive regular grass cuts, averaging every 7 to 21 days, totaling 12 cuts throughout the season. The city maintains the grass at a height of 3 inches, supporting local pollinators, soil health, and wildlife habitat.

Recent weather conditions characterized by more rainfall have led to an unexpected acceleration in the grass growth rate throughout the entire province. Grass is growing faster, causing overgrowth and requiring special attention from the city’s grass maintenance services.

The City of Brampton is committed to well-kept green spaces and is taking proactive steps to address rapid grass growth. Measures include:

  • Adjusting the grass-cutting schedule to increase frequency.
  • Assigning additional staff for inspections and prioritizing areas needing immediate support.
  • City staff is working extended hours, seven days a week, to minimize backlogs and maintain well-kept parks.

Brampton values the vital role of community support in overcoming challenges. The understanding and cooperation of its residents during this period are important to maintain the beauty of our public green spaces.

As we continue to face unique summer conditions, the City of Brampton remains committed to maintaining the beauty of our green spaces with solutions to deal with unpredictable weather.

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