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Calvert Park

City Update (March 12, 2024) Regarding increased safety concerns in Calvert Park / Etobicoke Creek Trail area

We have made significant efforts to ensure the safety of all park users. As part of our continuous efforts in Calvert Park, we have the following update: 

  • On Monday, March 11, contractors were tasked with removing any new garbage that may have accumulated since our last cleanup.
  • The burnt section of the pedestrian bridge has been replaced and is currently fully operational.
  • City of Brampton Security Services has significantly increased proactive patrols of Calvert Park.
  • Fire Prevention continues to attend the park weekly to ensure the removal of any potential fire safety hazards.
  • Uniformed Peel Police Officers will increase patrols when available. 
    Peel Police CIRT will continue proactive and reactive responses in the area. 
  • Four fires have been extinguished since the last update, as a zero tolerance of open fires is ongoing. Please continue to report active fires to 911.
  • Peel Outreach continues to connect with residents in the area multiple times daily to ensure folks are aware and connected to resources.
  • Two individuals have chosen to access emergency housing since the last update.
  • Birch Place, an affordable rental housing project located in Brampton, is opening next week. Through the conversion of a hotel, using Regional and federal Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) funds, Birch Place creates 50 new deeply affordable rental housing units and 17 transitional housing units for youth aged 17-24 to Peel.
  • Renovations to Peel’s new family shelter is now complete. This project doubled the shelter space available to families in Peel to 107 rooms.

Next Steps

A thorough assessment of the park will be conducted to determine next steps. 

Upcoming City Engagement 

Residents are welcomed to attend the Etobicoke Creek Wetlands Enhancement Project Open Houses. This open house will focus on the City of Brampton’s Etobicoke Creek Wetland Enhancement Project happening at Loafers Lake Park and Conservation Drive Park in 2024. Information about the project will be available including project objectives, timelines, design concepts and opportunities for education and engagement. The open house will be walk-in style with presentation boards and staff stationed to engage with participants.


Paul Palleschi Recreation Centre,
30 Loafers Lake Lane, Brampton

March 13th | 7-8:45 pm
March 20th | 6-8 pm
March 21st | 2-3:30 pm

For more information, please visit the City of Brampton Grow Green webpage.