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Brampton Neighbourhood Association Guide available plus new neighbourhood grant opportunity

A new Neighbourhood Association Guide was approved during the June 21, 2023 Committee of Council meeting, including a new grant stream of up to $1,500 for eligible groups and projects. The guide provides valuable information to residents on how to establish their own neighbourhood associations, foster a sense of community and encourage collaborative efforts to improve Brampton’s diverse neighbourhoods.

Councillor Rowena Santos said that “while many neighbourhoods have been organically coming together, this guide and granting stream will enable our community to formally organize, engage with each other and the City, and implement local ideas.” She adds that “by empowering and supporting our local neighbourhoods we are creating a foundation of belonging, improving safety and enhancing our quality of life.

How to apply:

Councillor Santos has been advocating for neighbourhood associations since 2020, acknowledging the need for social cohesion during the pandemic. Neighbourhood associations are voluntary groups comprised of residents from the same neighbourhood who collaborate to improve their neighbourhoods. Neighbourhood associations allow residents to establish connections, pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of their communities, and collectively work towards enhancing their quality of life.

A new Nurtured Neighbourhood Grant will also be available, providing up to $1,500 in financial support to neighbourhood associations to beautify their surroundings and enhance local safety measures. This grant can be used for projects that:

  • Organize clean-up initiatives to tackle litter, graffiti, and other forms of neighborhood disarray
  • Organize events to beautify neighborhood entrance flower beds through planting initiatives
  • Engage in the revitalization of neighborhood trails
  • Undertake community building events, including street parties and street barbecues

    If you are interested in establishing your own neighbourhood association, the draft Neighbourhood Association Guide is available for review. The City of Brampton will be hosting workshops for those interested in creating their own neighbourhood association. Contact or visit the Community Safety and Well-Being page on the city’s website to join the first workshop and be part of this transformative community initiative.

    The approval of the City of Brampton Neighbourhood Association Guide marks a significant milestone in empowering residents to take ownership of their communities. Bramptonians are being provided with tools and resources to create positive change within their neighbourhoods.

    Media Quote (Councillor Rowena Santos)

    ”I have always been a believer in the grassroots of our community. We are stronger as a city when our local neighbourhoods are empowered and that is what this guide and granting stream is about. I am so proud of the work we have done to get to this point and cannot wait to see neighbourhood associations forming across the city and implementing their creative ideas to improve their local community.”


    Media Contact:

    Anitpal (Nitu) Grewal – C: (437) 331-4555, Email: 

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