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New Brampton licensing program to hold landlords accountable

A motion to approve a new a two-year pilot program for a rental landlord registration/licensing program was passed unanimously at the March 29th Committee of Council. <Read Motion>

The motion was championed by Councillor Santos to protect the health and safety of residents, to protect human rights of persons, provide protection for consumers, mitigate risks within the rental sector and protect the residential amenity, character and stability of residential areas.

The program also helps to proactively mitigate risks that may exist within a particular business sector and provide enforcement mechanism to respond to complaints relating to that sector.

“Landlords who rent out units are held to lower health and safety standards compared to businesses which have more stringent licensing requirements. We need to prioritize the health and safety of residents, especially in light of the increase in additional rental units, garden suites, and lodging homes in our communities” says Santos.

Councillor Santos brought forward a series of motions in the fall of 2022 to directly address ongoing resident concerns and complaints about the physical appearance of local neighbourhoods across the city with specific focus on the impact of increasing conversions of rental units. This complimented the initiative by Councillor Santos to address the health, safety and living conditions of international students in Brampton. 

Staff reviewed existing registration and licensing programs for rental properties in Brampton and from other municipalities. A report (pg 41-88) related to pro-active bylaw enforcement of property standard violations was also referenced in the approved motion. 

“As the city gets Provincial pressure to increase housing and affordable housing continues to be in high demand, the business of providing rental units cannot prioritize profit over the safety and health of tenants,” says Santos. “We have also received a significant increase in complaints related to property standards and parking, particularly in two-unit dwellings and illegal lodging houses. Enforcement faces challenges in addressing these complaints, such as difficulty in contacting property owners.”

City staff will report back in Fall 2023, with an implementation plan to start the pilot program in 2024, to include wards 1 and 5, which Santos represents. The Registration/Licensing program would include but is not limited to:

  • Required application and renewal fees, fines
  • Escalating fines for rental units without a license or for those who fail to renew, and a demerit point system for landlords
  • Annual and/or random inspections
  • Checklist or protocol to help bylaw enforcement determine if a property may be operating as a business without a license.

“This pilot program will help us ensure that rental properties in our city are held to a high standard of safety and maintenance, and that landlords are held accountable for their properties,” concluded Santos. “It is important to prioritize the safety and well-being of our residents, and this program is a step in the right direction towards achieving that goal.”

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