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Regional Councillor Brampton Wards 1 & 5

Strengthening Community Safety: Brampton’s Bylaw Enforcement Initiative

Brampton’s bylaw enforcement initiative aims to tackle various community issues, including illegal parking and unsafe housing practices. With plans for a significant expansion, the city is set to add new enforcement positions, signaling a commitment to increase enforcement capabilities. This proactive approach underscores Brampton’s dedication to creating safer, more livable communities for residents.

Brampton Neighbourhood Association Guide available plus new neighbourhood grant opportunity

Brampton City Council approved a new Neighbourhood Association Guide during the June 21, 2023 Committee of Council meeting, including a new grant stream of up to $1,500 for eligible groups and projects. The guide provides valuable information to residents on how to establish their own neighbourhood associations, foster a sense of community and encourage collaborative efforts to improve Brampton’s diverse neighbourhoods.

2023 Year in Review

2023 was our team’s first full year of the term of council. We set the stage for the next 3 years of hard work and city building.

Downtown Brampton Neighbourhood Tackles Community Safety Challenges

Over 40 residents participated in the Central Public School Community Safety Workshop along with representatives from Peel Police, Region of Peel Human Services, By-law Enforcement, City Security, the City’s Community Safety team, Welcoming Streets Outreach, Regeneration Outreach, Mayor Brown, Councillor Santos and Councillor Vicente and their support teams.

Effective traffic calming measures to tackle speeders and make roads safer

Brampton is taking a comprehensive approach to traffic calming to address speeding and unsafe driving in local neighbourhoods. City Council recently increased the budget for traffic calming with a focus to implement a combination of tools including traffic cameras, road diets, speed bumps, flexi-signs, and speed reductions.

New Brampton licensing program to hold landlords accountable

A two-year pilot program for a rental landlord registration/licensing program in Brampton was passed at Committee of Council today (March 29, 2023). The motion was moved today by Councillor Rowena Santos and seconded by Councillor Dennis Keenan. The motion is expected to pass at the next city council meeting.