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Youth Cricket League – Brampton’s Youth GT20 Tournament

The City of Brampton unveiled a new initiative aimed at introducing cricket to more youth across the community. The Brampton Sports League, know for fostering recreational sports in an inclusive and supportive atmosphere, the City is set to launch its inaugural Youth Cricket League starting July 2, 2024. This initiative inspires young individuals to embrace an active lifestyle, promote health and wellness.

Inspired by the renowned Global T20 (GT20) Canada cricket tournament held annually in Brampton, the new cricket league will emulate the GT20 format. Featuring six teams per age group, comprising 15 players each selected from the GT20 youth academy and local Brampton residents, the league will cater to youth aged six to 15. Spanning nine weeks throughout the summer, the league promises an immersive cricket experience for participants of all skill levels. Registration for the league is now open, welcoming eager participants to join the excitement.

Councillor Santos added “Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of Brampton residents, and the new Youth Cricket League represents an exciting opportunity to further enhance our city’s vibrant sports culture. By investing in new cricket facilities and launching the Youth Cricket League, we are fulfilling our commitment to providing additional amenities and opportunities to ensure our residents have access to play the sport they love.”

In support of this ground-breaking league and to bolster cricket accessibility across Brampton, the City is embarking on the construction of two new cricket fields and pitches at Blue Oak Park and County Court Park. These additions are part of the City’s ambitious $8 million investment outlined in the 2024 Budget, with plans for further expansion in the pipeline.

Recognized as the cricket capital of Canada, Brampton’s cricket scene continues to flourish, both locally and globally. The City remains committed towards nurturing cricket talent within the community while extending a warm invitation to newcomers to embrace the sport. With a focus on accessibility and inclusivity, Brampton continues to pave the way for cricket enthusiasts of all backgrounds to thrive.

Discover the world of cricket in Brampton and refine your skills by registering for the Youth Cricket League at