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Brampton Youth Tennis Courts at Rosalea Park

Construction is underway at Rosalea Park for the development of public tennis courts specifically for Brampton youth, in response to an increase in demand. The tennis courts will be domed to support ongoing use during the winter season. Construction is scheduled for completion in November of 2024. Mayor Brown advocated for this project in September 2023 as part of the city’s focus on youth, sports and recreation opportunities.

Image depicts Rosalea Park after construction.

Mature trees were removed at Rosalea Park as part of the site preparation. The trees were approaching end of life and will be replaced with twice the number of trees. Species will be selected for their ability to thrive in urban and park environments.

A perimeter fence will be erected around the construction area in May. The project includes three new high-quality asphalt acrylic tennis courts, which will be covered by a seasonal winter dome. During the summer months, when the dome is removed, these courts will be available for use by the public and prioritizing Brampton youth. This investment made by the City aims to meet the increasing demand for youth tennis programs.

Replacement parking will be constructed to the east to accommodate the needs of residents in the surrounding areas. The existing park pathway will remain intact and will be adjusted to accommodate the temporary construction. 

The dome will be utilized only during the winter months, addressing the challenge of keeping children active during that time. Brampton youth are currently bussed to Orangeville for winter tennis activities and will now have local facilities.

This initiative responds to the requests of hundreds of families, ensuring that Brampton offers top-notch recreational amenities for all sports enthusiasts. The courts are designed to promote the health and well-being of our children. Soccer nets will also be placed at the park during the summer.

Similar sports dome are being implemented for soccer, cricket and field hockey across the City and expands access for residents.