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Brampton Wards 1 & 5

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Regional Councillor Brampton Wards 1 & 5

Tackling Brampton’s Housing Crisis

In the past decade, the home ownership dream has become unattainable for many of us, especially the younger generations. Brampton has committed to building 113,000 homes in the next 10 years as our part of increasing the supply of homes. We also need to build the infrastructure to support our incredible growth and ensure our quality of life at minimum stays the same. How are we going to do this and what are the challenges?

(Part 2) Impacts of Housing Affordability

Measuring the impacts of our housing affordability crisis means quantifying the use of our shelter system and tracking encampments in the city. We are at crisis levels.

(Part 3) Housing Brampton’s Booming Population

Brampton is the fastest growing big city in Canada, with an annual population growth rate of 4%. Our population will rise from about 700,000 people to 1 million by 2051. This increase will be driven by immigration, investments in public transit, and our proximity to Toronto. What is the “Brampton Plan” to accommodate this growth?

(Part 4) Quality of Life at Risk

The City of Brampton and Region of Peel, like all municipalities, are the champions who deliver the services we all use everyday. As we grow, will we be able to maintain all of the services at the levels we’ve come to expect and deserve?