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Road Safety Update – Advocating for Speed Enforcement Cameras Outside of Safety Zones

Road safety is an ongoing challenge in Brampton and across Peel Region. Recent decisions by Brampton City Council to implement traffic calming measures in collaboration with local neighbourhoods and community groups have proved to be very effective. These measures include speed cushions,  Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras and 40km/h neighbourhoods (see city staff presentation below). Procurement is also starting for green pavement markings in bike lanes to enhance the safety of our active transportation infrastructure.

One area that continues to be a serious concern is road racing, aggressive driving, and speeding along regional roads. A recent early morning incident on Bovaird Drive resulted in the death of 3 men with police suggesting a link to street racing. This is just one example over many years on the same regional road, plus many others across the city. Councillor Santos says that she is “committed to curbing reckless behaviour and ensuring stringent penalties for repeat offenders, with the goal of achieving Vision Zero initiatives that no loss of life is acceptable due to a motor vehicle collision.

Councillor Santos has been working to expand these initiatives at the Region of Peel to address issues on our regional road network, including Bovaird Drive. Regional Council today (March 21, 2024) passed her motion (2nd by Mississauga Councillor Alvin Tedjo) to advocate to the Minister of Transportation for changes to the Highway Traffic Act to allow ASE Cameras outside of Community Safety Zones and School Zones. Specifically, the advocacy asks for:

  • temporary or pilot of ASE cameras outside of Community Safety Zones for areas deemed hotspots by traffic/accident data and temporary signage that ASE cameras are coming and/or “this road is actively being monitored for speeding”
  • to pass Bill 54, the Vulnerable Road Users Act, as well as a Provincial Vision Zero Strategy to provide consistent guidance to municipalities
  • to double speed fines to introduce escalating sanctions for repeat offenders (20km/hr) or more over the posted speed limit
  • to apply a doubling of fines within a School Zone to align with current penalties in a Community Safety Zone
  • to ensure mandatory suspension lengths for drivers convicted of stunt driving are applied for all convictions

Traffic Calming Update Staff Presentation

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