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Regional Councillor Brampton Wards 1 & 5

Responding to years of complaints about residential rental properties

The city’s new Residential Rental Licensing Pilot Program was launched in early January 2024. Landlords have been providing feedback and as a result the program has been paused until March 2024 to streamline the intake process. City staff provided an update at the Committee of Council Meeting and January 31 2024 and we heard from many delegates, both in support of and against continuing the program. Videos of a few of the resident delegations in favour of the RRL program are provided below:

The delegate rejects owner self-regulation, advocating for compulsory, unannounced inspections to maintain standards and build community confidence. Emphasizing the need for enforced rental property standards, they support Brampton’s licensing program for proper bylaw application.

The delegate highlights collaborative efforts with authorities to tackle safety concerns and express gratitude for the council’s courage in prioritizing tenant safety. As a small landlord and resident, the delegate shares experiences of deplorable tenant conditions, welcoming the RRL program as a step toward improved compliance and well-being.

The delegate stresses the need for well-planned urban development, expressing dissatisfaction with the licensing program’s perceived limitations in regulating property standards. The delegate provides examples of deteriorating property conditions, emphasizing the negative impact on the community. They support the urgent implementation of the licensing program and advocate for escalating penalties for noncompliance.

The delegate outlines community struggles with issues in rental houses, emphasizing noise, garbage, and property standards. The delegate calls for licensing all rental houses, highlighting the need for accountability for landlords of all sizes. They stress the impact on human lives due to overcrowding and advocate for higher occupancy standards. The delegate supports the RL committee’s work, urging against scrapping the program and emphasizing its importance in the public interest.

The delegate has lived in Brampton for 63 years and supports a pilot program to license landlords, citing city decline due to negligent landlords. They recount personal issues with a neighboring rental property and criticize absentee landlords for neglecting property issues. The delegate questions landlords opposing a $300 licensing fee, speculating on safety concerns. 

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