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Lit Outdoor Pickleball Court Coming to Calvert Park!

The City of Brampton is taking a proactive approach to address the changing needs and demands of its residents by updating park amenities. Following the successful transformation of a baseball diamond into a fully lit tape ball amenity, the city is now turning its attention to an underutilized lawn bowling pitch. This derelict space, which has become associated with illicit behavior, is set to be revitalized and transformed into an outdoor lit pickleball court. 

This exciting development aims to meet the growing demand for pickleball facilities in Brampton and provide a safe and enjoyable space for residents of all ages.

“We are bringing this space back to life with activity that families and residents can enjoy. I can’t wait to see and hear people playing pickleball very soon.”, says Councillor Santos

The Rise of Pickleball: Pickleball, a sport that has experienced remarkable growth in popularity, is capturing the hearts of Canadians. The social qualities, affordability, and accessibility of the sport have contributed to its rapid rise, with participation skyrocketing from 350,000 to over a million players across the country in just one year. However, the lack of accessible courts has become a significant barrier to entry, hindering the sport’s expansion. Brampton, like many other cities, recognizes the need to keep up with this demand and provide adequate facilities for pickleball enthusiasts.

Revitalizing an Underutilized Space: The underutilized lawn bowling pitch, located between Vodden St. E and Williams Parkway along the Etobicoke creek trail, has long held the potential for transformation. While it has gained a reputation for being unsafe due to illicit behavior and loitering, its strategic location connecting different local neighborhoods to the trail offers a unique opportunity for revitalization. By converting this neglected space into a lit pickleball court, the city aims to create a safe and vibrant environment that promotes sports, recreation, and community engagement.

Addressing the Demand: With a recent delegation to the Council highlighting the growing demand for pickleball courts in Brampton, Councillor Santos, the local representative and Chair of Community Services, championed the idea of repurposing the outdated lawn bowling court. Santos emphasized the need to accommodate the exploding popularity of pickleball and acknowledged the unfairness of expecting players to share tennis courts. Pickleball’s family-friendly nature, affordability, and portability make it an ideal sport for people of all ages, and providing dedicated facilities will ensure everyone can enjoy the game.

Excitement is building as the construction of the new pickleball courts progresses. Councillor Santos recently visited the site and expressed her enthusiasm for opening the courts to residents. The completion of the lit outdoor pickleball court is scheduled for November, promising an eagerly anticipated addition to Brampton’s recreational landscape. Once completed, families and individuals alike will have a vibrant space to gather, stay active, and enjoy the thrilling game of pickleball.

By repurposing an underutilized space, Brampton is not only revitalizing an area associated with illicit behavior but also creating a safe and inviting environment for sports and recreation. As the popularity of pickleball continues to grow, providing dedicated facilities demonstrates Brampton’s dedication to fostering a healthy and active community.