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Santos takes on loud vehicles and noisy lawn maintenance equipment

With the spring season comes the sounds of singing birds and kids playing in the backyard. It is also the season of loud cars and lawn maintenance equipment disturbing our neighborhoods. In a new motion championed by Councillor Santos at Committee of Council on April 12th, excessive noise affecting public health, safety, and welfare is being tackled.

Findings from a recent report from the United Nations Environment Program shows that cars are the number one source of noise pollution in cities. Neighbouring municipalities have already updated their noise by-laws in response to complaints about excessive vehicular noise which have significantly increased since the start of the pandemic.

The motion from Councillor Santos was passed by Committee of Council. The motion will update the city’s noise by-law and also calls for staff to report back on opportunities to amend licensing requirements for auto-shops that modify vehicles causing excessive noise.

“With Spring in the air comes not only speeding issues but also noise from modified cars”, commented Santos. “Working with the Clerks Office and the Legislative Services Team we realized our noise by-law needs a refresh to tackle the nuisance of noise in our community.”

This refresh will improve the City’s ability to enforce excessive noise and capture better data on noise complaints. It compliments Peel Police’s Project Noisemaker that starts in May and runs through until October. The motion also asks staff to look at updating licensing requirements for auto-shops based on the amended Highway Traffic Act which now makes it illegal to install equipment on vehicles in order to modify sound beyond regulated levels.

“As our city grows, so does the need to update our by-laws to reflect the changing needs and concerns of our residents. Noise pollution has become a significant issue, and it’s our responsibility to take action to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our citizens, ” said Santos, and added “The proposed updates to the noise by-law include the inclusion of data categories specific to excessive vehicular noise and lawn maintenance equipment. These are important steps towards addressing this problem and creating a more livable city for all.”


Discussion Item at the request of Regional Councillor Santos re: Possible Amendments to Noise By-law 93-84 and Business Licensing By-law 332-2013 – Excessive Noise from Motor Vehicles and Related Businesses. Timestamp: 2:16:52


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