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Brampton Wards 1 & 5

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Regional Councillor Brampton Wards 1 & 5

Budget 2024: Brampton Urges Collaboration

The Mayor of Brampton highlights the pressing need for advanced scanning technology at ports to combat auto theft, with a staggering 99% success rate for smuggling stolen goods. Emphasizing the importance of the Brampton LRT extension, they stress its role in enhancing transit efficiency and stimulating economic growth around the downtown core.
Brampton’s integration into funding requests underscores the vital need for responsible infrastructure management. With GTA shelters operating at 350% capacity and over 60% of occupants being asylum claimants, there’s a critical need for federal coordination to develop a new reception centre and comprehensive services. Urging bold federal action, they emphasize that inaction would hinder progress and erode public trust. These challenges emphasize the need for collaboration to achieve a safer, connected, and prosperous Canada for all.