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Revamping Brampton City Hall Parking: Essential Repairs Set to Begin

Starting in March, Brampton City Hall’s parking garage will undergo essential repairs that will last for six months. The garage has been in use for over 30 years and needs maintenance to ensure it stays in good condition.

The repairs will be done in phases to minimize any disruptions to residents, businesses, and City staff. The work will include replacing the waterproofing membrane above the roof, asphalt in front of the loading dock, snow melting system, and waterproofing/traffic topping system with new materials. Additionally, repairs will be made to concrete and railings, and the elevator will be replaced.

Parking for the public, businesses, and staff will be limited during the construction period. The garage will be fully closed for eight weeks in the spring/summer to install the elevator, waterproofing, and snow melting system. Four other parking garages are available to the public during the construction period, including John Street Parking Garage, Market Square Parking Garage, West Tower Parking Garage, and Nelson Square Parking Garage. Parking will remain free at this time.

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